Meet The Herd

Goats often get a bad rap. You are not alone if the adjectives "noisy," "smelly," and "hungry" come to mind when you think about goats. What people don't often realize is that goats are loyal, loving, intelligent, and practical if you practice permaculture or love to go backpacking. Goats are able to travel over all sorts of terrain and can easily carry up to 20-30% of their weight in gear. Herds of goats have been used by cities to clear unwanted plants, and goat milk is incredibly nutritious and versatile. Our goats are all males, so milking isn't a part of our daily routine, but we use goat droppings to make the earth we plant in richer, and have many backpacking trips planned for when our boys are mature enough for some grand adventures!




Gordon is a 250 lbs. Oberhasli from San Diego, CA. Often nuzzling your ears or nibbling on any strings that dangle from your clothes, Gordon is by far our most affectionate goat.  He wants your hands to pet his soft fur, and he craves the brush bristles stoking his muzzle. He is also the leader of the herd. The need to dominate and stand ahead of the other goats means Gordon doesn’t always take treats, he head butts the other goats if they get too much attention, and he sometimes acts like an idiot just to be number one. Despite his ego, Gordon is a favorite among everyone who has the chance to meet this gentle giant.



Doug is an Alpine Dairy goat who was born in Moab, Utah. He came from a prized goat cheese farm and was bottle fed with his brother Burt. Unfortunately Burt passed away after a freak overeating accident (he binged on some chicken feed that he broke into), but Doug instead accepted Gordon and Riker as his new brothers. Doug is our youngest, and he loves to be walked and brushed. He is especially proud to display his long beard and his little curl that frames his sweet face. We may just have to have a day of silence when he matures and loses his glorious beard and Alfalfa-like curl.




Sweet and shy, Riker (also an Oberhasli) is Gordon’s brother, and he’s the underdog. Some call him Riker and some call him River. He is very affectionate, but often afraid to show it for fear that Gordon will become jealous. But when he gets to stare you in the eyes, his head often melts into your hands. He deeply enjoys to have a full body brushing, and when we walk him he sometimes hops around like a pony. He also has the most pitiful sounding bellow if something isn’t right. His often unfounded distress cry can be almost always be soothed with a nice piece of rainbow chard.