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Sonya & Mike Meline

Ranch Owners & Chief Permaculture Solution Experts.
Our names are Sonya & Michael Meline. Our farming journey began when a rooster wandered into our yard while we were still living in San Diego. We already had a particular interest in urban farming, and dabbled in aquaponics and other indoor gardening techniques. Over time we developed our understanding of permaculture, became permaculture certified, and fulfilled our dream of buying our own land to work on. We both have full time jobs, and focus the rest of our time on our passion for permaculture. Our aim is not to make a profit from our land, but rather to use it to sustain ourselves, and to teach others about the benefits and practice of permaculture.

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Tammy Bowser

Ranch Manager.
In many ways, our ranch manager is the backbone of Fallbrook Permaculture. If plants spoke a language, we'd vouch for the fact that Tammy can speak it too. While she's also new to permaculture, Tammy has all of the practical knowledge about sustainable farming and gardening down to a science (literally–she even has the scientific names of plants down). We rely on Tammy for all kinds of food forestry advice, her hands on work on the property two days a week, and her incredibly positive energy to make any grueling task seem like a piece of cake.

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WWOOFers and Volunteers

Being that we have jobs outside of our work on the property, we're always looking for extra hands to help us reach our goals. While an acre and a half of land may sound like a lot, our home itself can only accommodate a few extra people at a time. We're working on developing more space to house WWOOFers, but for now we can only house a few at a time. We love taking on permaculture-focused WWOOFers and volunteers. So far doing so has been a mutual learning experience for all of us. 

WWOOFers perform daily chores which include caring for the goats, chickens, and ducks, and watering plants, and work on any miscellaneous projects we have going on during their time here. Projects have included woodworking, welding, planting, mulching, video making, photography, and more. Please contact us through the WWOOF website  if you're interested in volunteering with us!