Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring humans into balance with nature by following and teaching an ethical design system that mimics nature’s positive forces in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while also functional, productive, and restorative to our planet.

African Keyhole Garden

Named for their shape and initial popularity in Africa, African Keyhole Gardens hold moisture and nutrients with the help of an active compost pile in the center of the bed. This creates ideal growing conditions for plants that otherwise do not do well in a dry, hot climate.


Swales are one of the ways we combat erosion here in  Southern California. They are water-harvesting ditches designed to slow water so it infiltrates the surrounding area. Our swales are instrumental in restoring our hillsides, growing our trees and plants, and we have them to thank for our incredible produce.

Banana Circle

Banana circles have many functions in permaculture, including: the production of biomass and delicious bananas, a place for a large compost pile, greywater (an outlet for sink water to go to), habitat for wildlife, and it even creates its own tropical microclimate.